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    My desire is to bring glory to Jesus by seeing lives redeemed through the mission of the local church. We are pioneering a new church in the heart of St. Petersburg, FL and this site is the primary means of communication along the way.

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June 2016 Update

The fields are white  infill development bringing thousands to St. Pete  By the end of the year 2018 there will be more than 2,500 new residential units filled less than 2 miles from where Rachel and I live, most of which will be 3 miles or less from where our church meets on Sundays. The … Continue reading


Spring 2016 Update

Church planting in the city God’s grace in a unique place A few days ago I went into the garage we rent down the street from us to grab my bicycle for a ride in to work only to find that my front tire was completely flat. I proceeded to fill the tire with air … Continue reading


May grace win 2016

Yesterday at Aletheia St. Pete we came to the story of Rahab the prostitute in Hebrews 11. A fitting time to hear about the story of this woman’s faith… the first service of a new year. We didn’t hear a motivational speech about how to have a better life in 2016… but rather, as gloriously usual… … Continue reading


Fall 2015 Update

The visible work of Christ  the amazing reality of hearts changed by Jesus Our little church has gone through big changes and challenges lately. Some of these have to do with meeting space changes. Some are due to our recent leadership transitions and other are a matter of what can be expected in this life … Continue reading


Only may the Lord your God be with you

The other night I was on a boat with my wife sailing off to see the sunset with a handful of other passengers. While out on the waters of the Boca Ciega Bay our captain spoke up to tell us of a possible change of course before us. There was a storm brewing over the mainland … Continue reading